Merchant Support

FAQs for Merchants

1) What is mobile money? Mobile money is a virtual wallet that allows users to effect monetary transactions, including pay for goods and services, from a virtual account fully backed by funds in an account at a custodian bank.

2) What is the difference between Mobile Money & Mobile Banking? The difference between mobile money and mobile banking is that mobile banking requires that customers have an account at a financial institution while mobile money allows access to funds held in a regulated non-bank account.

3) How do I become a GK MPay merchant?
If you're interested in becoming a GK MPay merchant, send an email to You will need to provide the following documents to complete your merchant application.

Documents Required:

  • Certificate of Incorporation of the Company
  • Memorandum of Association and or Articles of Association*
  • Certification of Registration (Businesses - Sole Trader/Partnership)
  • Certificate of Registered Office Notice (company)
  • Clear copy of Jamaican Driver's License /Passport
  • Copy of Company GCT Certificate with TRN
  • Certified copy of Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) ( signed and sealed by JP)

4) What are the benefits of becoming a merchant?

  • Another convenient way to collect payment from customers ü Enhanced customer experience through greater convenience
  • Easy to use by both customer and merchant
  • No need to make change. Instantly minimizing the need for coins and smaller notes
  • Instant payments. Funds are transferred instantly from wallet to merchant account
  • Potential to reduce fraud cost- cashiers handle less cash
  • Easy tracking of transaction history ü Elimination of security and cash-handling costs for GK MPay transactions ü Next-day settlement into Merchant’s bank account (no lodgement fees)
  • Ability to create, deliver and redeem discount coupons electronically to target customers

5) What are suite of Merchant services offered by GK MPay?
The suite of merchant services are: Coupons, Request for Payment, Collections, Disbursement and Refunds.

6) What is the Merchant Self Care Portal (MSCP) ?
The merchant self care portal is used Merchants and Agents to manage their account. The level of access granted to a member of staff, is based on the assigned user role.

7) How do I access and use the Mobile Application?
(Mobile App) The mobile application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store at GK MPay Merchant Terminal (app name). To login, the employee will enter their assigned Merchant ID, along with the password used to access the MSCP portal.

8) How secure is my Sales information on GK MPay?
Sales information is available to staff. The amount of information available to a employee is configurable by the designated administrator at the merchant.

9) Who can access the Merchant Self-Care Portal (MSCP)?
Access to the Merchant Self-Care portal can only be provisioned by designated staff members from the GraceKennedy Money Services back-office.

10) There are other mobile money payment solutions out there, why should I use yours?
All mobile wallets are not created equal. GK MPay has a larger eco-system by virtue of our number of customers and extensive agent network. GK MPay also offers more services and is available for use by almost anybody with a phone.

11) Can I accept more than one mobile money payment solution in my business?
Yes. You can have as many as you would like because it is just another payment channel.